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R&D Batteries 6362 Battery (Retrofit-READ BELOW)

  • $ 59.00

R&D Batteries 6362 Battery

*Rebuild = Opening your battery, removing the old batteries inside, engineering a new battery for the inside, closing the battery back up and shipping it to your door.

*Step 1 - Make sure your items have not been damaged by force, water, etc.

*Step 2 - Place your order online.

*Step 3 - We'll email you the address to send your batteries in.

*Step 4 - Once received, we'll rebuild your batteries and send them back.

Volts: 6 Volt
Capacity: 1.2 Ah
Chemistry: NiCd
Weight: 2
Type Retrofit
Accubox Portable Bio Power Supply (X-04.99.623) (Retrofit)